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Why install an Access Control System from COR Security

Access Control

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Wireless Access Control Systems


Wireless Access Control Security Systems are great for application that need several to hundreds of doors secured. The fact that no wires need to run to the door can save money over traditional hardwired systems. The system can be configured to use keypad plus proximity cards/fobs or magnetic stripe cards.



Programming is done through software that is loaded on your Windows computer. When changes are made the software sends that information to "Portal Gateways" that we install on your company's network. The "Portal Gateways" then transmit that information to one or several Wireless System locks over the air. The Wireless System locks also send information to the software in the reverse order.


Install type

Typically no wiring needs to be run to the door. The existing door lock is removed and the Wireless System lock would go right in its place. Portal Gateways are centrally located to cover multiple locks and plugged in to the company network.



Standalone Systems are powered by on board batteries, which means they are not affected by power or network outages. The batteries last approximately 100,000 transactions.



Wireless System locks have an on-board reader that can be configured to use keypad codes and/or cards (proximity cards/fobs or magnetic strip cards).


System Components

  • Wireless Access Control Lock
  • Portal Gateway
  • Software
  • Windows computer



COR Security offers several different manufactures and models to fit your unique application, door type, and desired features. Prices start at $1200 per door and up. Contact us to discuss options and receive a quote that fits your application and needs.


Featured Wireless System

COR Security is one of only a handful of dealers that are certified to install Omnilock WAMS the leader in wireless access control systems.

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