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Why install an Access Control System from COR Security

Why Access Control?

Top Reasons to Install an Access Control System

1. Automatically lock and unlock doors.

One of the biggest problems companies face is making sure all the doors are locked at the close of business. The reality is that no one likes to take responsibility for it and ultimately one or more of the doors doesn't get locked on more then one occasion.

We take the guess work out of it. All of our systems allow you to customize an automatic unlock and lock schedule. Even excluding company holidays.

2. Increased Security.

Did you know keys can be copied even if they say Do Not Duplicate? And everybody knows the hassle and expense in re-keying the entire office on a Friday night when an employee is terminated.

With the access control systems for COR Security every employee has a unique access credential. The access credential could be a code, serialized card, or finger print template. When someone is terminated the access can be revoked immediately without affecting any of the other employees.

3. Limit employee access.

With a traditional key and alarm system there is nothing stopping employees from entering during non-business hours. Our systems allow you to setup time parameters on groups of employees. Not only when they can enter but also what doors they can access as well.

4. Transaction Log.

Are there ongoing problems happening that you can't figure out or are suspicious about?

Now you can start tracking them down through the audit reports. A detailed report showing who, when, and where employees entered or attempted to.

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