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Omnilock WAMS Access Control System

Omnilock Wireless

Omnilock Wireless Access Management System (WAMS)

The Omnilock WAMS market leading technology has the durability you can depend on. With its unique stand alone design installation costs are drastically reduced. Most applications require no additional door preparation and no wiring, while still providing all the benefits of a traditional wired system.

From your office you can make programming changes to the system completely wirelessly. Additionally all access decisions are made at the door. So if the power or your network goes out the doors will continue to operate.

With a click of your mouse remove a former employee/tenantís access without affecting anyone else. Schedule your doors to automatically lock and unlock eliminating the possibility of them being left unlocked all night long. Restrict access during non-business hours. If any incident were to happen within your facility you would be able to pull up a report detailing who, when, and were someone entered or even attempted to enter allowing you to pin point the responsible individual.

Benefits of the Omnilock WAMS

bullet Reduce overall cost by eliminating wiring
bullet Easy to retrofit, requiring little to no door preparation
bullet Decisions made at the door even if power and network are down
bullet Add 1 door at a time as needed
bullet Easy to relocate
bullet Operates on standard AA batteries for approx. 120,000 operations
bullet Schedule automatic unlock & lock
bullet Transaction (audit) reports showing entries and attempts

Product Pictures

Omnilock Wireless Portal Gateway  Omnilock Code and Card Reader Lock Mounted on Office Door  Omnilock Wireless Access Management Wall Mount Reader

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You can also view additional information on the manufacture's website.