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Why install an Access Control System from COR Security

Access Control

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Locally Managed Access Control Systems Overview


Locally Managed Access Control Security Systems are a great choice for application that require 1 to many doors in the same building. These system typically use proximity cards/fobs but can be setup with nearly any type of reader.  



Depending on the model programming can be done from your office computer using a browser or special software.  


Install type

Readers and electrified locks are installed at the doors then wired back to a centrally located Locally Managed control panel. The control panel is then connected to the company network.



The Locally Managed control panels come standard with a power supply and backup battery. A separate power supply is used for the electrified door locks and battery backups typically come standard.  Most installs uses "fail secure" locks that leave the doors in a locked position in the event of a power outage and battery backup failure.



Locally Managed Systems typically use proximity cards/fobs but can also except nearly an type of reader/credential including keypad code, magnetic strip cards, smart cards, biometric (fingerprint and iris readers).


System Components

  • Locally Managed Control Panel
  • Reader
  • Electrified Lock
  • Electrified Lock Power Supply



COR Security offers several different models to fit your unique application, door type, and desired features. Prices start at $1500 per door and up. Contact us to discuss options and receive a quote that fits your application and needs.

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